The Summer-Couture Madness of a Big Girl Gone (slightly) Less Big…

Hello lovely ladies!

You might think that summer has been long coming where you live, but here in Sicily it is already absolutely baking! It’s not a question of Is it summer again, but, alas, Is it STILL summer?

While my northern counterparts are up there complaining about the cold, the rain and the drizzle and Why the heck doesn’t the weather improve, I’m already in short sleeves and dreading the summer! Not because I don’t like being off from work for a while, mind you, but because of the heat!

And that brings me to the crux of the matter: my bursting wardrobe…

Luckily my house has plenty of wardrobe space so I don’t need to put away my winter clothes to make space for my summer wardrobe.

Having said that, yesterday I counted (no, I wasn’t bored- I was just curious about the sudden drop in my finances!) all my summer clothes/ dresses and I think it’s safe to say that my forty (good) dresses would cover anyone’s summer span, especially in England!

But in Sicily?

In a country that is so fashion-minded, where you couldn’t possibly be seen in the same thing twice, that would only get you through, what- forty days? Namely from 1st April and to 10th May. So what about 11th-31st May? AND JuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctober?

That, my friends, is my argument whenever my husband asks me if I’m wearing yet ANOTHER  new dress. It’s so hot here that you need to change at least three/ four times a day:

Here’s a sample of my couture regime on a typical day off in Sicily:

Morning: You need a sundress for your morning stroll through the market in Vittoria to buy fresh veggies (well, that’s my excuse. Then I disappear off to the stalls selling women’s clothing, of course!). By the time you get home you’re soaked, so you change into your house-dress (which is an old rag so doesn’t count. But still…).

Lunch: If you’re going to Ragusa Ibla for lunch, or to Punta Secca for some delicious Sicilian fish, you need another outfit- possibly cool, white linen to fend off the heat.

After lunch and a siesta, you wake up with a hankering for ice-cream, right? So it’s another shower and another outfit change. And while you’re out, you bump into your friends at Edoardo’s ice-cream parlour and decide to hook up for an evening on the town later. But you can’t wear what you’ve been wearing all afternoon, can you? This dress is already old by Sicilian standards! So there you have it- at least three changes a day.

And you can’t wear the same shoes with every outfit, can you? But let’s not even GO there.

Some of you might prefer shoes to clothes, granted, but let me tell you this: ever since I went from a UK size 24 to a 16, you can imagine how I went absolutely mad racing around all the shops, both in Italy and the UK for items I’d only dreamt of buying! Being new to the game of OMG it fits and Do they really have my size, you understand it was difficult to put a stop to all that. And after a lifetime of shop assistants shaking their heads with a “Sorry, Miss, we don’t have anything your size…” Now I want it all!

So as the days grow warmer my wardrobe gets fuller and fuller. Even if, to be totally honest, there are times I prefer to sit under the trees in my garden with my husband, the dogs and a good book and not even bother with the world outside. Sometimes life is better wearing my ancient terrycloth nightie…

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  1. Beate on said:

    Wow, this sounds cool (the new small size!) and expensive (the shopping) and fun (same!). I particularly like the ice-cream part of your agenda. Maybe living in cool Germany is easier?? Who know? Congrats on changing your life so successfully!

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