The Husband Diet


My debut women’s fiction title The Husband Diet will be published at the end of May by Bookouture. Here’s a little taste of what lies in store…


Erica Cantelli’s life feels more suffocating than a size 4 dress…

On the surface she’s maintaining the image of successful career woman, perfect wife and a doting mother with two wonderful children.

In reality she’s running out of hours in the day; 6 dress sizes bigger than she wants to be; and the only man who shows her any affection is her gay best friend.

In fact fantasizing about how to kill her increasingly disinterested husband is just about all that keeps Erica sane.  That and a whole different type of fantasizing about the incredibly handsome new school principal, Julian Foxham.

When her husband jokes about trading her in for two size tens, Erica knows something has to change.  But is another diet really the answer?  Or is getting rid of him the fastest path to happiness?  Now if she could only stop thinking about the gorgeous Mr Foxham…

For any woman who’s ever felt under-appreciated, or thought about giving up on their dreams.  Erica is a laugh-out-loud breath of fresh air.

6 comments on “The Husband Diet

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  2. Helga Murauer on said:

    I am looking forward to reading The Husband Diet – I am sure it will be very entertaining and funny.

  3. Janie on said:

    I’ve been teased! After reading the description of the book and the first 3 pages I discovered I have to wait until the end of May to read the entire book! Are you kidding, the end of May, really?
    Your story has me hooked, captivated, interested, and frustrated!
    It seems like something I’m really going to enjoy.
    Thank you so much for letting us on fb know about your books!
    Best of luck and success,

    • NancyBarone on said:

      Hi Janie,

      so sorry I just found this message. I am definitely no techie, as you can see! I’m glad you enjoyed the writing. The book came out in May 2013, if you’re referring to The Husband Diet. But I think you’ve already bought and read it, if I’m not mistaken! More Aidan-based novels to come. At present I’m working on both a Christmas story and a thriller.
      Thanks so much for your message, it was very uplifting!
      Hugs and see you back at the Aidan ranch!


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