The Return of Erica Cantelli- Book Two of the Amazing Erica series

Erica’s new property in Tuscany!
Erica’s new property in Tuscany!

Ever wonder what happened to Erica Cantelli once she got her dream man, i.e. her kids’ principal Julian Foxham, AND  her dream home/ B&B  in Tuscany?

Things are going great (-ish) in Castellino until Julian suddenly makes a request that she simply can’t satisfy.

And then, ENTER onto the scene Genie Stacie, actress/ model and Julian’s sweetheart from the past who wants him back with a vengeance and is offering him exacty what he wants…

Plus, they’re all back:

Maddy, her adorable princess has turned into a snooty teenager

Warren, her mature son is now chasing skirts left, right and center

Paul, her BGFF, is travelling around the world at a dizzying speed

The Three Ms, Aunts Maria, Monica and Martina are still at loggerheads with their fourth sister, the black sheep Marcy

Erica’s ”affectionate” sister Judy who can’t stay faithful to her husband…

Follow them all as Erica and her famous hairy eyeball battle everything jeopardizing her family’s happiness.

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