The Husband Diet cover reveal

And here it is! The perfect cover for my debut Women’s Fiction novel, The Husband Diet!

From page one of Erica Cantelli’s roller coaster story I’ve been wondering what kind of cover would best portray my big, beautiful heroine (besides which actress would best portray her and Julian on the screen, I must admit!).

And here it is- fantabulous, colourful, feminine… but most of all it tells it like it is! Erica is like most women who think their body could do with some improvement. But her love of life and everything that is good (including lasagna!) puts everything else on the back-burner. And then when she meets Julian, she learns what is most important.

I love everything about this cover because even the title looks like a big beautiful women- curvy, feminine and soft. On the outside. On the inside she’s got one helluva life!

And to my husband’s question, Did you send Oliver a picture of your feet? the answer is no- but they sure look like mine! And the SOS on the scale are what I think every five years or so when I pluck the courage to step onto one of these dreaded contraptions (she exclaims while chomping on potato chips).

I am immensely grateful to Oliver Rhodes of Bookouture who not only believed in this series, but went as far as designing the cover himself! Thank you so much, Oliver!

I hope you enjoy The Husband Diet as much as I enjoyed living, drinking and breathing it. Because still, after having read it and edited it a gazillion times, it always leaves me with a good feeling inside. I hope it does the same for you!
Nancy Barone

9 comments on “The Husband Diet cover reveal

  1. KimGM on said:

    Great cover! And I certainly can’t wait to read the book! :D

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    • NancyBarone on said:

      Thank you, Maillot de foot!
      You’re right- subscribing will automatically let you know what happens the second it does- and boy, are things happening here! Thank you for your interest and have a great weekend!

  3. Pingback: Edelma

    • NancyBarone on said:

      Hi Edelma,

      It’s as simple as Wordress! Works wonders, doesn’t it?
      Hope you enjoy the website- will soon be adding lots of stuff so stay tuned!

      Thank you,

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  5. Pingback: Trienke

    • NancyBarone on said:

      Hi Trienke and thanks for your comment! But I have to admit I had nothing to do with it. It’s Bookouture who takes such good care of me!
      Please stay tuned because Erica Cantelli is up to no good!

      Thanks, Trienke, and I do hope you like The Husband Diet!

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