The Husband Diet: Best bits


Here are some of my favourite bits of The Husband Diet – at least those that I can share without spoiling the story…

It was do or die, meaning that if he didn’t do me tonight I’d kill him. He had to make a damn effort- it couldn’t always be me.


I was an overweight, under-loved wife and mother of two who when at home dressed like Ernie from Sesame Street on her better days.’


“…I can’t keep lying to you.  Your body’s putting me off.  I begged you to lose weight.  I tried giving you all sorts of signs to make you understand.”

I snorted, too hurt to show it. “You mean being an asshole was a sign?


“My Dad is a prick”, I read, and then moaned.  I agreed with him fully, of course, but never, ever had I wanted my children to wake up from their innocent childhood and see the truth.”


…I knew all he wanted was to get into my pants again.  Which earned him oodles of brownie points.”


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