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Come and meet Nina Conte, whose life would be falling apart, were it not for her friends Emma and Jack.

Nina Conte has written three novels and lives in a rambling farmhouse on the outskirts of a beautiful Cornish seaside village with her family and German Shepherd Minnie.

Nina’s life sounds great on paper. Or, more precisely, in her author bio. But, in reality, the farmhouse is crumbling, her gambling ex-husband has run away with all their money, and Nina is just about keeping their (leaking) roof over her children’s heads. The only people she has to count on are her friends, Jack and Emma, the neighbours who live in the houses on either side.

But then her agent and best friend Alice gives her some life-changing news: her very first novel, Written in the Stars, has been picked up by a film producer in Hollywood. And before she knows it, she’s flying her out to LA – kids in tow – to meet the producers.

To Nina’s surprise, Luke O’Hara, Hollywood heartthrob and dashing single dad, is head of the project and he insists on having it his way, or the entire deal goes up in smoke. He wants her to co-write the screenplay with him – and he’ll move to Cornwall with his daughter to do it.

All of Nina’s wildest dreams have come true. But is this new life what she really wants?

An utterly relatable and charming new romance perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk and Paige Toon.

Coming July 17th! DESSERTED IN SICILY (pun intended!). Pre-order now!

Hello again everyone!
DESSERTED IN SICILY is my newest novel, soon to be released!

As I wanted to set it in Sicily, and precisely on the island of Lipari, the largest of the Eolian archipelago, I had to travel there and do some live research as sometimes the internet just won’t do!

I promise I’ll try not to make you too jealous of all the delicious food and wine available there… but I will show you some pictures that have inspired some scenes in the book!

The view of Vulcano island from Quattrocchi in Lipari where Jo Malone saved Gillian’s life! If you look closely you’ll see the crater in the background.
The view of Vulcano island from Quattrocchi in Lipari where Jo Malone saved Gillian’s life! If you look closely you’ll see the crater in the background.
The tiny harbour at Marina Corta in Lipari.
The tiny harbour at Marina Corta in Lipari.
The view of the island of Salina from my heroine Gillian’s kitchen window!
The view of the island of Salina from my heroine Gillian’s kitchen window!
Taking a breather from all that HARD research!
Taking a breather from all that HARD research!

Sicily: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (or, My Sicilian Nonna Carmelina’s Broom and Cassina)

Sicily: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

(or, My Sicilian Nonna Carmelina’s Broom and Cassina)

If you’re of Italian descent like me or have ties to Sicily, then you’ll know that, just like a (good) witch, a Sicilian woman’s power is in, among other things, her broom.

Of course, today modern Sicilian women can run rings around you with their Smart cars, Smartphones and smart wardrobe and are totally into the newest gadgets, fashions and even relationship trends. But their grandmothers- mine especially- were the mistresses of their homes, rising at the crack of dawn to keep their domain clean.

To do so unhindered, my Nonna used to send my Nonno Peppe off to the countryside to work in his artichoke patch and I very distinctly remember him arriving in the evening, tooting the horn on his artichoke-laden moped, as cheery as ever. Some husbands, however, were not as industrious as my Nonno. When the midday heat got too much to bear, other men would hit the piazza, or local square, yacking away about the price of local produce or the new barber until lunchtime.

My oldest memory of Nonna’s house was the fragrance of her polpette, fried balls of meat or potato and sometimes, if it had been a good year, both. A constant ingredient was parsley. It was the fragrance of things made with love.

After lunch, the men and children would retire, while the women continued their housework, and when you saw them finally pouring water from a pail and scrubbing their sidewalks, you knew they were done for the day and that you weren’t allowed inside for at least thirty minutes. Not that you’d be in the street at that ungodly hour when the temperature can reach 45 degrees Celsius.

Not only was Nonna’s broom an instrument of cleanliness, it was an instrument of power. You would know if, like me, you’d been swatted on the bottom with it because you’d been caught with your nose in the special snacks cupboard just before lunch or if you spilled anything on the sofa. No matter how fast you ran, Nonna, despite all odds, could run faster.

Another fond memory is that of my Nonna’s cassina, the forerunner of today’s blinds, also called persiane or veneziane, Italian for Persian or Venetian blinds.

The cassina is simply a sheet of wooden slats strung together so as when it is rolled down in front of an open door, it lets in little light and even less heat. Perfect for those sizzling Sicilian afternoons when everyone is much too weak to stay awake. So down the cassina goes, a sign that you must not disturb that household. It also, incidentally, keeps out bugs.

Some women go half-way, resting a chair under the cassina so that it bows slightly out, leaving you enough room to quietly slip out or family members (or very close neighbours) to slip in without waking the husbands. Great for clandestine relationships if the guy was brave enough to face the heat!

After our afternoon siestas, during the Vespri, I remember, as a child, being told to wash and change into my evening clothes as it was time to entertain visitors.

So we’d whip out our good chairs (all six of them!) and place them on the sidewalk (there wasn’t much traffic back in those days) and wait for our aunts, uncles and cousins (and possibly Salvatore, that hunky friend of theirs!) to come over and chew the breeze. All the Nonnas, mine included, would have their fans at the ready (a smaller, yet still powerful version of the broom) and discuss the latest scandals of the town, halting their talks momentarily to nod to a passerby that was, by a strange twist of fate, the very object of their gossip.

But if you had a good reputation and were popular, stopping to say hello could be a fatal error as a chair would be pulled out for you (the youngest would have to give his/her up) and you’d be offered a lemon granita or a frozen espresso and wherever you were headed would have to wait, as it was rude to turn down a chair.

Being one of the youngest, I’d almost always have to give up my chair for some old dear, but I didn’t mind as I could secretly, from behind the cassina, wait for or watch hunky Salvatore hanging around on his Vespa.

My Nonna’s cassina was different from anyone else’s because hers was not the customary brown or emerald green, but a lovely dark blue. After she died I inherited it (along with her night stand and a silk scarf which I guard with my life) and stashed it in the garage for years. Then one day (it was a very hot day in early July), I unrolled it, dusted it and wiped it down with a damp cloth. All those years of hanging in the sun had faded the lovely blue paint that had set it apart from all the other households. So I went out and bought a small can of lovely dark blue paint and got to work.

Friends, aunts, uncles, cousins (even Salvatore, slightly less hunky today) say, “What are you doing with that old thing? Times have changed, you want to update your house, not make it look like Nonna’s!”

I shrug, not interested in other people’s opinions. So what if my house looks a little retro? The idiots who’d opted for modern, metal blinds are baking as we speak, while I am breezy behind my Nonna’s ancient cassina.


The Summer-Couture Madness of a Big Girl Gone (slightly) Less Big…

Hello lovely ladies!

You might think that summer has been long coming where you live, but here in Sicily it is already absolutely baking! It’s not a question of Is it summer again, but, alas, Is it STILL summer?

While my northern counterparts are up there complaining about the cold, the rain and the drizzle and Why the heck doesn’t the weather improve, I’m already in short sleeves and dreading the summer! Not because I don’t like being off from work for a while, mind you, but because of the heat!

And that brings me to the crux of the matter: my bursting wardrobe…

Luckily my house has plenty of wardrobe space so I don’t need to put away my winter clothes to make space for my summer wardrobe.

Having said that, yesterday I counted (no, I wasn’t bored- I was just curious about the sudden drop in my finances!) all my summer clothes/ dresses and I think it’s safe to say that my forty (good) dresses would cover anyone’s summer span, especially in England!

But in Sicily?

In a country that is so fashion-minded, where you couldn’t possibly be seen in the same thing twice, that would only get you through, what- forty days? Namely from 1st April and to 10th May. So what about 11th-31st May? AND JuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctober?

That, my friends, is my argument whenever my husband asks me if I’m wearing yet ANOTHER  new dress. It’s so hot here that you need to change at least three/ four times a day:

Here’s a sample of my couture regime on a typical day off in Sicily:

Morning: You need a sundress for your morning stroll through the market in Vittoria to buy fresh veggies (well, that’s my excuse. Then I disappear off to the stalls selling women’s clothing, of course!). By the time you get home you’re soaked, so you change into your house-dress (which is an old rag so doesn’t count. But still…).

Lunch: If you’re going to Ragusa Ibla for lunch, or to Punta Secca for some delicious Sicilian fish, you need another outfit- possibly cool, white linen to fend off the heat.

After lunch and a siesta, you wake up with a hankering for ice-cream, right? So it’s another shower and another outfit change. And while you’re out, you bump into your friends at Edoardo’s ice-cream parlour and decide to hook up for an evening on the town later. But you can’t wear what you’ve been wearing all afternoon, can you? This dress is already old by Sicilian standards! So there you have it- at least three changes a day.

And you can’t wear the same shoes with every outfit, can you? But let’s not even GO there.

Some of you might prefer shoes to clothes, granted, but let me tell you this: ever since I went from a UK size 24 to a 16, you can imagine how I went absolutely mad racing around all the shops, both in Italy and the UK for items I’d only dreamt of buying! Being new to the game of OMG it fits and Do they really have my size, you understand it was difficult to put a stop to all that. And after a lifetime of shop assistants shaking their heads with a “Sorry, Miss, we don’t have anything your size…” Now I want it all!

So as the days grow warmer my wardrobe gets fuller and fuller. Even if, to be totally honest, there are times I prefer to sit under the trees in my garden with my husband, the dogs and a good book and not even bother with the world outside. Sometimes life is better wearing my ancient terrycloth nightie…

The Return of Erica Cantelli- Book Two of the Amazing Erica series

Erica’s new property in Tuscany!
Erica’s new property in Tuscany!

Ever wonder what happened to Erica Cantelli once she got her dream man, i.e. her kids’ principal Julian Foxham, AND  her dream home/ B&B  in Tuscany?

Things are going great (-ish) in Castellino until Julian suddenly makes a request that she simply can’t satisfy.

And then, ENTER onto the scene Genie Stacie, actress/ model and Julian’s sweetheart from the past who wants him back with a vengeance and is offering him exacty what he wants…

Plus, they’re all back:

Maddy, her adorable princess has turned into a snooty teenager

Warren, her mature son is now chasing skirts left, right and center

Paul, her BGFF, is travelling around the world at a dizzying speed

The Three Ms, Aunts Maria, Monica and Martina are still at loggerheads with their fourth sister, the black sheep Marcy

Erica’s ”affectionate” sister Judy who can’t stay faithful to her husband…

Follow them all as Erica and her famous hairy eyeball battle everything jeopardizing her family’s happiness.

The Spider Man scene- how to meet a hottie!

I called an emergency service babysitter and within twenty minutes

I had a Mrs. Doubtfire lookalike at my door. Ever grateful, I shoved

the list of emergency phone numbers (all mine) at her and in three

minutes flat I was out of there. Which was unlucky for me because five

minutes later I was squirming in my Kia van, dying for a pee. I pulled

over into a plaza and charged into a nice-looking bistro restaurant.

Finally a relieved woman in every sense, I stepped out of the stall

and lathered my hands with some rose-scented soap. Did I remember

to get Paul’s slippers? I can’t rememb—what the hell? A tickling, multilegged

slimy sensation under my pants made me freeze as my mind

knew there could only be one explanation. A spider!

A horrible convulsion shook my body at the realization of my

worst phobia. Never mind heights, open spaces or closed spaces—the

only thing in the world that scared me were those wretched beasts.

I remember screaming and beating my leg to kill said beast, but

the thought of it crushed to a pulp against my flesh sent me into a

mindless hysteria. I was beyond panicking. I remember throwing

myself on the floor in a fit of terror for what seemed like days because

darkness kept washing over me and I must’ve been near passing

out several times until someone—a man—gripped my arms.

“What’s wrong?”

“Help! Take my pants off!” I shrieked.


“A spider in my pants! Take them off!”

“Your pants?” he asked dubiously.


“Are you sure?”

What the hell was wrong with the guy? “Now!”

At that, the blessed man obliged and yanked on my zipper. “It’s

stuck,” he informed me.

“Just rip them off!” I begged him and he easily tore my pants

from my front zipper down and pulled them off my legs, checking

every inch of wobbly thigh as I frantically kicked, repeating, “Kill it,

kill it!” I didn’t give a shit if he saw my flesh flailing in the air—I’d

never see him again. All I wanted was to be rid of the monster.

At some point I finally collapsed under him, exhausted, but still

digging my nails into his flesh, still shaking and bawling and clawing

at his shirt until he was half-naked next to me. He felt so safe,

so solid, like a nice cozy cabin in the middle of a snowstorm. And

he smelled fantastic, like a real man, without the nauseating mist of

different colognes I have to
fight through to get from the lobby to

my office every morning.

But more than anything, I remember how he’d calmed me down

with his deep, soothing voice and how it had enveloped me, warmed

me, like a father’s should when you’re a scared child or a husband’s

when you’re a woman down in the dumps. I had never had either

source of comfort in my life from my dad or Ira, and it was like the

other shoe had finally dropped. This voice, this presence, this kind

of man, was what I’d lacked my entire life. If I’d had this kind of

solid support and understanding all that time, and not for just a few

terrifying seconds in the ladies’ room, my whole life would’ve been

made. I’d be a different woman today. Sweeter. More self-assured.

Less aggressive. More loved.

This was the kind of patience and loyalty that I needed. Someone

who would believe me and act upon my fears as if they were

as important to him as they were to me. This man had taken me

seriously. This man had been my security. If Ira had been there with

me, never in a thousand years would he have agreed to rip my pants

off just like that.

The stranger put his lips against my ear and whispered, “It’s all

right. It’s gone. Calm down now.”

“Are you sure?” I croaked, burying my head deeper into his

chest, my arms and legs still wrapped around him like a real whack


“Positive—take a look for yourself—see?”

I stopped and lifted my face to scan the floor with trepidation.

He was right. No sign of the thing. The coast was clear. And then I

finally looked up at him. And almost fainted dead away again, but

for another reason this time.

He was surreal. Handsome didn’t even begin to cut it. Wide shoulders.

Muscles. Strong. Perhaps enough to lift me. Black hair that fell

over his forehead. Big green eyes and the most awesome, longest lashes.

Dark five o’clock shadow. Pure man. Pure, sinfully gorgeous man.

“Hands up!” twin voices echoed in the empty bathroom.

My savior turned toward them and raised his hands, his torso

still stuck to mine so that he looked like he was doing sit ups against

my breasts.

“It’s okay, lads. It’s only me,” he assured them.

One of the guards re-holstered his gun. “Sorry, sir.”

“It’s fine. A little accident with a big hairy monster,” he explained,

tucking his shirt back into his jeans as the two guards

looked at me.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and shot them an evil

glare. “He means the spider.”

One of the guards stifled a snort and I shakily crawled for my

trousers, which were now in shreds, too humbled to look my savior’s

way. It was a good thing that Paul always waxed the hell out of me,

otherwise the guards would’ve thought the poor man was tackling a

grizzly bear in the ladies’ room.

“Oh, okay,” agreed the other guard all too easily.

I hid my face in my torn trousers. “He was just helping out a

hysterical lady,” I contributed, not wanting to seem ungrateful. “Go

now, please. I’m in my underwear in case you hadn’t noticed.” And

they weren’t my best pair, either.

At that my savior chuckled and wrapped his jacket around me

like a kilt. I’m big, but this thing fit all the way around me. My face

82 Nancy Barone

still hidden, I muttered a muffled, “Thank you,” and crawled back

into the stall—a different one, though.

“Okay, let’s give the lady some breathing space,” I heard my hero

say. Was he the manager of the restaurant? He sure had authority.

“I’ll be sitting outside if you care to join me for lunch, madam?”

“Uh, I don’t know. Thanks anyway.”

A pause. “Okay, then. I hope to see you again soon.”

Yeah, like that was ever happening. “Me, too, sir. Thank you.”

“We’re at our desk if you need us, ma’am,” called one of the guards.

“All right. Thank you. And thank you, again,” I called to my hero

from over the stall, too embarrassed to show my face.

“My pleasure, madam,” he said. At least that’s what I think. He

had a crazy accent I couldn’t place.

I raced home wearing the guy’s jacket around my hips, up the

stairs past the aghast babysitter who must’ve thought I was a freak,

and hopped back down the stairs, one leg into a pair of jeans. By the

time I got to the front door I was dressed. When you’re a working

mom you learn to multitask very quickly.

“I’ll pay you the extra time!” I shouted over my shoulder as I

catapulted myself out the door and into my Kia, flooring it.

After The Husband Diet, Book 2 of the Amazing Erica series is in the making!

Erica’s new idyllic property in Tuscany!
Erica’s new idyllic property in Tuscany!

Erica Cantelli has finally made it back to Tuscany, her land of origin, and has loads of plans to live The Good Life!

She now has her very own farmhouse, vineyards, olive groves and fruit orchards. She makes wine, olive oil, jams, pies and preserves like she used to dream of while sitting in her Boston office.

And did I mention A Taste of Tuscany, her new B&B?

She shares all of this with her two children, Maddy and Warren- and her brand new man Julian Foxham, who helped make her dream come true.

So what could possibly go wrong in one of the most idyllic places on earth?

Stay tuned for Erica’s amazing adventures with some old friends, new friends- and why not? Even some new enemies!

And while you’re in the area, why not pop over to my Pinterst board- Italian food, mothers and dieting-  to get some images of Tuscany and Erica’s life?