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When there is no one to trust-  not even your family…
When there is no one to trust-  not even your family…

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Lullaby For My Sister

When Valentina and Lucy Mancino’s mother died, and their father turned to alcohol to cope, Valentina quickly understood it was up to her to run the household and take care of her little sister. But Valentina was only nine years old. And when their new step-mother moved in, along with her two sons, Val also knew things were about to change for the worse.
Fifteen years later, while Lucy is flailing in life, Val is running a successful career, but she’s also hiding a terrible secret. She soon discovers that her former home is suppressing secrets of its own—and that many unspeakable truths are dying to be told.



Erica Cantelli is back! But she’s not the only woman on the scene…

Besides killing her, what do you do when your husband’s old flame returns from the past, offering to give him what you can’t?


Eight idyllic years (well, sort of) into their new life in Italy, plump and plain Erica Cantelli is now dealing with a middle-aged body while Julian appears to be as young as ever.

As a matter of fact, her celebrity husband, bored with the Tuscan countryside and their tranquil life, now wants a new project- a baby.

But at her age, and weighing what she weighs, can she pull it off? Does she even want to?

Her body just won’t work with her. It’s not going to happen, period, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Never mind that Julian’s become an international sex symbol on the force of his new career while she’s  already plucking her gray hairs and packing it on.

Never mind that her rival is always hanging around him and that she wants him back with a vengeance.

To make things worse, her two teenagers are smitten with the peroxide flake, wreaking havoc in all of their lives.

And when Genie Stacie shows up on their doorstep with the biggest temptation of all, will it be too much for Julian to resist?

With her simple, bucolic Italian life, flip-flops and sundresses and ravioli dishes, how can Erica compete with the gorgeous Hollywood diva who’s half her age and a third her dress size?

Find out in “Romance, Rivals and Ravioli”, Book 3 of the best-selling The Husband Diet series following The Husband Diet and My Big Fat Italian Break-up.

For fans of Jennifer Weiner, Jen Lancaster and Sue Watson.



THE HUSBAND DIET, Book 1 of the Amazing Erica series.
Erica Cantelli’s life feels tighter than a size 4 dress. But what if she needs to drop another kind of weight…?  Published by Bookouture.

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MY BIG FAT ITALIAN BREAK-UP, Book 2 of the Amazing Erica series.
Erica has found her new Mr. Right. But can she keep him this time?

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When Gillian’s husband dumps her on holiday in Sicily, she has two choices: either eat her heart out- or eat all sorts of desserts with the sexy local playboy. And start a new life…

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Hotter levels of Romance

(Rowyn Ashby)

Village witch Rea and American veteran- their star-crossed love is all the heat they can handle…

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Dying is easy. Returning as your lover’s enemy is hell…

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Timeless, Beachwalk Press

How many times would you be prepared to give your life just to be with the one you love?


For over a thousand years shape-shifter Milyan and his lover Muriel have been playing a dangerous game in order to regenerate and live again. Now he’s back with his new identity, Lord Aidan Hartland of Westlake, and the perpetual mission of protecting his woman and mankind from the demon Zendraxx. But there are two dead bodies, and he’s the prime suspect.


FBI agent Robyn Wainright, assigned to investigate the deaths, is determined to nail Lord Westlake, the eccentric partner of one of the victims. But far from mourning, and despite the fact they’ve only just met, he tells Robyn he’s been in love with her since the dawn of time, adding mad tales of demons and paranormal powers. Not only is he a liar, he’s also the murderer she’s looking for. But for some reason she’s having life-like erotic visions of him, and they’re driving her insane.

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Content Warning: contains sexual content

Genre(s): Paranormal, Shifter, Romance

The Sicilian Lovers series, Beachwalk Press

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