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Hello again and welcome to my brand, spanking-new website! I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to share my stories with you.

Although my Pinterest board is called Italian Mothers, Food and Dieting, this board is actually my heroine Erica Cantelli’s life in pictures.

Now, we know she’s plump. And even if she doesn’t, we know she’s also very pretty with a smile to die for. But what does she look like? I’ve posted a couple of faces that could represent her, but please feel free to suggest any others. Who could be Erica, Julian (yum-yum!) and even Paul? Don’t bother with Ira.

And yes, I admit I couldn’t wait to post images of some of the characters and places in book two as the plot thickens (and she thin-ens)! These are images of Tuscany, a farmhouse and things to do (and eat) in Tuscany.

But this is just a work in progress as Erica matures every day, so more on my snarky, sassy heroine very soon.

2 comments on “Italian Mothers, Food and Dieting… my Pinterest board

  1. Yay! Brand new website! I’m not going to lie–I like this one better. It’s got me thinking pink–which just so happens to be my favourite colour. :)

    YES! A Rubenesque! I love BBW heroines. I’m writing about one now!

    But truthfully I’ve read these ladies more in erotic romances, and although The Husband Diet isn’t an erotic romance (is it? I joke.), Julian sounds like he could rival Christian Grey any day. (Who needs BDSM, right?)

    Will a preorder be available for The Husband Diet?

    • NancyBarone on said:

      Hi Muna and thanks for writing!

      No, you’re absolutely right, The Husband Diet isn’t an erotic novel, but Julian Foxham is HOT. He’s the kind of guy you’d like to meet anywhere, from a dark alley to a Cotillion!

      BBW is the new black, I think. Scratch that- the eternal black. We have always been here and always will be. Yay for big women and an even bigger Yay for the men that recognize our worth, my hubby included.

      Unfortunately preorder will not be available, but trust me- I will be hollering its release on May 31st from the rooftops!
      Please do let me know what you think- I always enjoy feedback from my readers!

      Take care and thanks again, Muna!

      Nancy Barone

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