Desserted In Sicily (pun intended!)


When I re-wrote Desserted In Sicily, I based Mattia Spadaro, my sexy Sicilian hero, on an Irish actor that had piqued my interest for his talent… and yes, his good looks. Can you figure out who?

When Gillian gets dumped by her horrible husband while on holiday on the Sicilian island of Lipari, she can either cry herself into oblivion and wander around the gorgeous island of Lipari until she’s dazed and confused and eat heart out…

or she can eat all the delicious local desserts in the company of an earth-shatteringly sexy local. Uhm, no contest, right?

In an attempt to resuscitate her twenty-five year-old marriage, GILLIAN DOBSON knocks down a few tranquilizers and takes the dreaded flight to the Sicilian island of Lipari to surprise her husband, away on a business trip. Big mistake- he has Alternative Female Company. To preserve what’s left of her dignity, Gillian has no choice but to dash out into the street in her bathrobe, her life practically over. In her drugged, confused state, she is (almost) hit by a car. The driver turns out to be the younger, sex-on-a-stick local playboy, MATTIA SPADARO, a cross between Adonis and Rudolph Valentino. And a flirt extraordinaire. If simply looking at him gives her electric shock, anything more would surely give her a heart attack? What’s worse, they share a wild passion for Sicilian desserts. Just what she needs- another man who’s bad for her. But between the cannoli and the Sicilian ice cream, when Gillian must make a few life-changing decisions, will Mattia really be there for her or will she once again be… Desserted in Sicily?

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