Could the Gandyman be Julian Foxham?

David Gandy and Julian Foxham

Hi again and thank you to all the readers who’ve purchased and commented on The Husband Diet!

It’s great to see such warm and enthusiastic feedback on the book, especially your appreciation of the mixture of humor and poignant moments.

Many of you have mentioned you love the spider scene. I was in stitches myself while writing it! But I also like the scene where she’s waiting for him at his house. And many many more, but I’m not spoiling!

Others have mentioned the hairdryer scene. Please don’t follow Erica’s example!

But all of you have mentioned how much you want my hunky hero, Julian Foxham, all for yourselves- who the heck wouldn’t? Okay, time for a confession from a happily-married, law-abiding woman: I thought about David Gandy as Julian for a film version of the Husband Diet! I decided that when I saw him in Away We Stay, a short film that you can find here ( Check the man out!

But Julian isn’t only a gorgeous, breath-stealing guy. He’s also incredibly sensitive, smart and sexy. He’s the breath of fresh air she (and many other women!) is dying for.

And for our gal, Erica Cantelli, who would you picture? I have a couple of images up on my Italian Food, Mothers and Dieting board on Pinterest:

but it’s really hard to choose because Erica has a bit of all of us in her- yes, even you thin ladies! She has your strength, your resolution and your confidence (albeit not in bed yet- but with a man like Julian Foxham? All she needs is time).

So once again, thank you for loving Erica (and Julian!) as much as I do and please keep the comments coming!

Nancy Barone